Robots and AI

Are You Prepared for the AI and Robotic Revolution?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are inching their way to several areas in work, business and our lives in general.…

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What is a Cobot?

The term “cobot,” also known as “co-robot,” is derived from the phrase “collaborative robot,” which is used to refer to…

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What is the “Singularity” Concept in Artificial Intelligence?

The Singularity in artificial intelligence (AI) is the inflection point where machines advance beyond human intelligence and thus become self-sufficient. …

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Concerns Over the Growing Use of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Modern technology has impacted almost every aspect of our civilized world.  It’s hard to imagine life without a computer, a…

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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

In Medical applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that can analyze complex medical data. AI has…

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What are AI Driven Bots?

A bot is a computer program developed to mimic human behavior. If the purpose of these applications is to offer…

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The History and the Rise of Robots

When we hear the word “robot,” we might have imagined different images in our brains. Some of us might think…

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