Facts About Spaceships in Star Trek

Star Trek Spacecraft

Among all the science fiction series that were released in its early years, Star Trek is a popular American science fiction television program and a popular genre that many film critics and scientists praise for being more grounded in reality. In fact, some of its ships are currently on display in science … Read more

Actresses in 1960s Sci-Fi TV Shows

Michi Kobi

American television science fiction is a well-liked television subgenre that has given rise to many of the most well-known and watched science fiction programs in the entire globe. In the 1960s, famous actresses took on the roles of characters in Sci-Fi television shows.  If you are interested to know some of them, … Read more

Science Has Been Important from the Oldest Marvel Comics

Cover art of Fantastic Four

Science has always been a vital part of Marvel comics. In the early days, science was used to create amazing and powerful characters like Iron Man and the Hulk. Even now, science plays a big role in the Marvel universe. Recent movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man have relied heavily … Read more

Actors and Actresses in 1950s Sci-Fi Movies

Movie poster of The Curse of Frankenstein

The 1950s was a great decade for science fiction movies. Classic films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds and Forbidden Planet were released during that time period. These movies were not only entertaining, but they also featured some of the best actors and actresses of that … Read more

I,Robot – A Cool Action Film

Poster of the movie 

I, Robot stylized as i, Robot is an American movie released in 2004. The genre of the film is science fiction action, directed by Alex Proyas. The screenplay by Jeff Vintar and Akiva Goldsman is from a screen story that was written by Vintar. It was based on his original screenplay named … Read more

Who Were the Original Marvel Supervillains?

infinity gauntlet iconic villain weapon

Every superhero has an archenemy. Spider-Man has Venom, Doctor Strange has Dormammu, and the X-Men have Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. These heroes and villains would often fight multiple times, and some of their battles could last dozens or even hundreds of comic book issues. However, the hero-villain rivalry was … Read more

Who Were the Original Marvel Superheroes?

marvel comic books

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is arguably the biggest movie series in the world today. Marvel Studios, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Studio, has currently produced 23 films for the MCU since 2008, and the number of movies they create will continue to get bigger as they haven’t scratched the surface … Read more

The History of Star Wars


Introduction Star Wars is a series of science-fiction movies created and directed by the ingenious George Lucas. The series began in the mid-seventies with the release of the first movie in 1977, Star Wars, which was later titled Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Thus, began a series of extraordinary movies that … Read more