What Causes Inflammation in Muscles?

a man with muscle pain on knee

Muscles are an essential part of our body, allowing us to move, lift, and perform various physical activities. However, they are also vulnerable to inflammation, which can cause pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. Muscle inflammation, also known as myositis, can occur for various reasons, ranging from overuse and injury to infections and … Read more

Tips for Traveling with Spine and Back Pain with Dr. Brandon Claflin

Tips for Traveling with Spine and Back Pain with Dr. Brandon Claflin

It’s the holidays and you absolutely must attend a family or other gathering. Traveling there and back is often a challenge, when you have spine and back pain. The good news is that Dr. Brandon Claflin of Oklahoma shares his recommendations to minimize your pain. Driving to Your Destination Driving may cause … Read more

Aphtes: A medical mystery?

Aphtes A medical mystery

For some it might happen after they ate too many tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables with a lot of acid, for no known reason causing the appearance: Little painful stains at the inner lips or under the tongue. The white core is surrounded by a red circle. What is that and … Read more

Things to Know Right Now About Utilization Management in Healthcare


Utilization management is intended to ensure that your members receive the treatment they need without needless testing or expensive care that they don’t require. Utilization management is still a crucial part of a high-quality healthcare management program in today’s fast-evolving healthcare environment where new medical information is being developed at an ever-increasing … Read more

Drug Discovery: The Role of Assay Development and Screening

Drug Discovery The Role of Assay Development and Screening

Drug discovery is a long and complex journey that involves many different steps to find new therapeutic treatments for various diseases. It is a process that begins with the screening of large numbers of chemical compounds followed by iterative testing of those compounds to identify the ones with desired properties. Each step … Read more

Histology and Lac Operon Explained

Histology and Lac Operon Explained

In the nineteenth century, life was rough. It was especially rough if you saw it through the lens of famed American writer Edgar Allan Poe. Poe is credited as being one of the most influential horror writers of all time. He is known for his dark, gothic look at families, relationships, guilt, … Read more

Coping skills every chronic patient must know

Coping skills every chronic patient must know

Chronic pain is defined as discomfort that persists for more than six months and has a significant impact on a person’s day-to-day activities. Physical and psychological stress from chronic pain can lead to feelings of resentment toward yourself and those closest to you.  No one can deny that the brain is responsible … Read more