History of Acoustics

The fundamentals and the first six overtones of a vibrating string studied by Pythagoras

If you love music, playing instruments, or going to concerts, then you might be one of the many people that is curious as to how sound is produced. Listening to audio is tricky since it varies from a lot of factors, such as volume, pitch, bass, and many more. All of these … Read more

History of Mechanical Engineering

An oblique view of a four-cylinder inline crankshaft with pistons

Our modern world developed into a fast-paced environment, wherein we often rely on machines to help us with various tasks. These machines come in different designs, efficiency, and action, but one thing is for sure, they make our works a lot easier. All of us might be familiar with machines since they … Read more

History of Optics

Dispersion of light

Natural phenomena come in various forms, which we often see every day.  Because of these phenomena, scientists dedicate time and effort to study the scientific principles behind them. Throughout the years, several scientists contributed to building the knowledge that we have in our modern world. Some phenomenon is a product of light, … Read more

History of Robotics

Atlas robot designed to aid emergency services

 Over the years, it is evident that the development of science is continuously advancing. With the different technologies present in our modern world, we can say that science already reached am advanced stage, wherein we can see several scientific wonders existing in our world today. One of the popular creations of science … Read more

History of Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology

In our modern world, it is evident that science already reached an advanced stage, wherein scientists and inventors use it to create incredible technologies. These inventions made a significant impact on how we live our daily lives by providing us much easier ways to perform tasks. Some of the most popular technologies … Read more

History of Formal Science

A mathematical solution on a sheet of paper

Science has been a big part of our lives. Throughout the years, science is one of the main factors of the advancement of human technology. Without it, the world we are living in today seems to be unimaginable. Interestingly, science does not only focus on one subject. Instead, it is composed of … Read more

The History of the Abacus

child using an abacus

The abacus was one of the prominent calculating tools used by man before the invention of the electronic calculator. Seen throughout multiple regions of the world, the abacus has been used not only by the elite and government officials but also by small traders and vendors who want to count their inventory … Read more

Some of the Greatest Science Discoveries in Recent Years

learning about the emerging science fields

The different branches of science have truly paved the way for scientists and researchers to discover methods and techniques to make life more comfortable and more convenient for everybody. Throughout science’s illustrious history, there have been many inventions and revelations that have been created and developed in order to serve a beneficial … Read more

The Science Behind Tattoos

Many people in the present time love to get their skin inked, however, some cannot bear having one because the pain is unbearable for them. Others, on the other hand, see tattoos as a form of rebellion. But did you know that the practice of tattooing is as old as civilization itself? … Read more

The History of the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. It is awarded annually for outstanding works in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economics, and the promotion of peace. These prizes were established by the will of Alfred Nobel, and are traditionally awarded on December 10 every year since 1901. … Read more

Ancient Practices Proven by Science

Ancient Practices Proven by Science

Ancient practices such as rituals, Chinese medicine, holistic medicine, spiritual and religious practices are often undermined as ineffective, not necessary or plain superstition or fantasy. Scientists say that things that cannot be seen, touched or measured have any practical value. However, science has started to rediscover the value and wisdom of ancient … Read more

Amazing Facts about the Big Bang Theory

Amazing Facts about the Big Bang Theory

Most scientists accept that the universe started with the Big Bang. The theory states that around 13.7 billion years ago, all matter in the universe was concentrated into a single, infinitesimally tiny point. It goes something like this: the universe began to expand rapidly through a hot and huge explosion, and is … Read more

Fascinating Science Facts

Fascinating Science Facts

Because of our busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, it’s easy to forget how truly amazing and mesmerizing our world is. Science has presented us truths about the world around us, and many of them we are still unaware of. The mysteries are probably endless, but here are few of the many fascinating science … Read more

Amazing Archaeological Finds

Amazing Archaeological Finds

Archaeology may not be the most exciting science ever, but it did and is still doing its purpose. Because of archaeological findings throughout the years, we discovered mysteries of the past that lead to the answers to some of our questions about the early history and civilization of the human race. 1. … Read more

Discoveries Unexplained by Science

Discoveries Unexplained by Science

Because of science’s incredible advancements, more knowledge and innovations are being developed over the years. However, many mysteries about our seen around our planet and the universe remain unexplained. 1. Antikythera Mechanism The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient clockwork computer with more than 30 hand-made gears that calculates the movements of the … Read more

Famous Scientific Theories that Turned Out to be Wrong

Famous Scientific Theories that Turned Out to be Wrong

We’ve been taught a lot of scientific facts, or “old wives’ tale.” But do you know that these things that we know all along turn out to be untrue at all? Here are some of the popular scientific “facts” that are debunked by real facts: Goldfish have better memories than you think; … Read more

Interesting Facts About the Large Hadron Collider

Interesting Facts About the Large Hadron Collider

Objects too small to be seen with the naked eye can be observed with a light microscope, magnified and clear. However, things too small to be seen under a regular microscope can be viewed under an electron microscope. While huge electron microscopes can be used to observe objects as small as individual … Read more

Top Technology Breakthroughs in the 1800s

Top Technology Breakhroughs in the 1800s

Here are some of the top technology breakthroughs in the 1800s that have changed people’s lives tremendously. The Internal Combustion Engine An internal combustion engine or ICE, is an engine which converts chemical energy into mechanical energy. It accomplishes that by burning fuel with air in an enclosed chamber. Étienne Lenoir invented … Read more

The Top Deadliest Construction Projects of Modern Time

The top deadliest constrution projects of modern time

Here are some of the biggest infrastructure projects on Earth (from the late 19th century to present) which cost hundreds to thousands of workers’ lives during the time of their construction. At the time of its completion, the St. Gotthard Road Tunnel in Switzerland was then the world’s longest road tunnel being 10.5 … Read more

Unexplainable Scientific Discoveries

Unexplainable Scientific Discoveries

Science and technology can be quite strange. Although both have led us to wonderful and incredible discoveries, innovations and inventions, they also have things that leave us puzzled — even the most modern scientific measures aren’t able to decipher those mysteries. Check out the top 15 unexplained scientific discoveries here in this … Read more

10 Discoveries that have Changed History

Discoveries that have Changed the History

Imagine if some of these discoveries and inventions had never happened. Here we look at some some discoveries that have not only changed history but our way of life as well (not in any particular order). Richard Hoover, an astrobiologist who once worked for NASA, discovered microfossils in meteorites. He went on … Read more

Largest Construction Projects in History

Largest Construction Projects in History

In this gallery we pay homage to some of the largest, most impressive, and most important construction projects in history. They have remained standing even several centuries after they were completed and have withstood the ravages of war and other large-scale conflict. The most amazing of all, these longstanding structures were built … Read more

Quotes About Science

Albert Einstein 5

From the successful treatments for the once-deadly infections to electricity to the Internet, science and technology has immensely impacted our daily lives! Check out these great science quotes.    

Greatest Discoveries of All Time

Greatest Discoveries of All Time

Here’s our gallery of some of the greatest discoveries mankind has ever made. They are among the discoveries that changed the world. It’s impossible to rank their importance though, as we think that all of them are equally significant. Before its invention in 3500 BC, humans had a severely difficult time on … Read more

History of the Periodic Chart

Periodic Table

Periodic charts are a must have in every chemistry classes. A periodic chart (or also called a periodic table) is a table of elements that are ranked according to their atomic numbers, atomic mass, chemical properties, etc. Periodic charts are also arranged by a color coding scheme to help us identify which … Read more

Top Science and Tech Websites

Top Science and Tech Websites

Polling the most popular science and tech sites Here are some of the current top science and tech websites the web has to offer today. If you’re looking to find out the latest in technology, social networking, social media, mobile and more these are all great resources! Sites of mainstream technology and … Read more