Can You Really Make Things Invisible?

Can you Really make things Invisible?

Invisibility is a prevalent theme in popular culture, more commonly in science fiction and fantasy genres. In folklore and fairy tales, wizards concoct potions, or procure mystical rings or use a spell to grant themselves invisibility. In science fiction, a person is often rendered invisible by some advanced scientific experiment or technology. … Read more

What is the Space Elevator?

space elevator

Roads and bridges have been around for quite some time now. Their contribution to the modern world can hardly be overemphasized. Romans built the first road. This invention led them to a series of conquests allowing them to establish highway networks throughout the city. Historians agree that roads are what allowed them … Read more

Introduction to 3D Printing

Printing with a 3D printer

3D printing may be relatively new to many of us, but the truth is that 3D printing has been around for a long time and the industry has been steadily growing. This method of printing is alternately called “additive manufacturing” or “desktop fabrication.” This type of technology is used to create a … Read more

Who Invented the Modern Watch?

Who invented the modern watch?

Watches have been around for a long time, and we see them not only as a tool to check time but also as an accessory and a fashion statement. You may have at some point wondered about who really invented the modern watch? Watches have come a long way from sundials and … Read more

What Is an Atomic Clock? And Why Is It Important?

Atomic Clock

Defining an atomic clock An atomic clock is a clock that is run, electronically, and is the most accurate keeper of time known to humans. Using atomic physics, an atomic clock is extremely precise (with an accuracy of 10^-9 seconds per day – 1 in 10^14 – which means it would take … Read more