Fun Science Ideas for Kids

Learning science does need not to be boring all the time

The age-old problem for parents and teachers alike is how to get kids interested in science. Certain parts of science can definitely be a bit boring and difficult to understand. However, there are many fun ways to augment a standard science program and get kids excited about experimentation and understanding how things work.

Learning science doesn’t always have to be yawn-inducing and confounding. The wonderful thing about science is that it allows kids an opportunity for hands-on experimentation that will leave them wide-eyed in amazement. It may also leave them wanting to discover more about how things work. Experimentation doesn’t always have to be dangerous. Instead, it can provide fun and harmless ideas that kids of all ages (or kids at heart, if you prefer) can really enjoy.

Learning science can be really cool and can be done at home. It is definitely more engaging if there is participation from parents, teachers and with other kids.

Who knows, these toys may them encourage to study this field more and make them want to become future scientists someday.


Get the kids interested in the more “technical” side

Technical kids

Every kid loves electronics. This includes, of course, the Wii, XBox, computers, iPads and similar technology. But how do you get them interested in the “electronic” and “technical” side of it? Check these cool ideas for learning about how circuits work. Kids can really get into snapping circuits together to make working devices.


Fun science in and out of your home

You can make do with fun experiments using simple items around your home, of course with the supervision of your parents or any adult relatives in your house. These simple procedures will turn into amazing and mind-boggling results that will make your science experiments fun and unforgettable. Mixing baking soda with vinegar — or the more fun part involving Coke and Mentos candy — will arrive into an astonishing outcome. Learning science will allow your kids to be more creative. And when they do these fun things together they will also learn more about cooperation and teamwork.

Learning science in a fun way can also be an enlightening experience and will even teach your kids to become more outgoing, and more interested to do some “real-life” things. For example, if you intend to teach your kids about biology and biodiversity you can take them out into an eco-park, or at a nearby forest. This will encourage the kids to do some “real-life” observations to their immediate surroundings.

There are many websites that devote and encourage kids to learn science the enjoyable way. You can intersperse these experiments with games, songs, and fun rewards. You can cap these fun experiments with a science-themed party.

Kids love doing their own experiments

Kids love to do their own experiments and be able to let their imaginations run with fun ideas and see the results. These three kits will make it easy for kids to pop open the kit and get started with what interests them. The illusions science can provide great fun for kids as well as give them an option to present and share with family and friends and provide an opportunity to explain what they have learned.

Who doesn’t love the exploding volcano experiment! This kit makes it fun, easy (and successful) to build a volcano and see the fun effects! And what kid doesn’t love to play with magnets! The science of magnets can be fun and very educational.

Educational “scientific” toys

Educational Scientific Toys

If you intend to give something to your kids, instead of a mere toy, why not give them toys that are not only immensely fun but will also bring out the curious side in them. Let them pretend to be scientists for a day.

There are many educational “simulation” toys and kits available in the market — toys whose functions are almost at par with the real thing. For instance, there are “electronic circuit” toys, microscope sets, binoculars, “factory” sets like candy-making kits as well as chemistry, weather, dry ice, and rocket kits, and many more. Again, adult supervision is strongly recommended with some of these toys.

Cars and robots

Lastly, who doesn’t love cars and robots and things that move! There is a lot of science behind mechanics and these kits can make it fun to learn how to build, power and test out these fun ideas!

With a little effort, research and ingenuity you can get kids engaged in science in a fun and enjoyable way!

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