How Do Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Work?

Hand sanitizers have become the new normal due to the pandemic raging the world since December 2019. Over a year later, the pandemic is still with us and this prompts us to always have hand sanitizers with us to disinfect our hands at all times. To use these hand sanitizers, it is easier when we have something to dispense these sanitizers for regular use, hence the use of hand sanitizer dispensers.

A hand sanitizer dispenser is a unique piece of recent technology. Using hand sanitizer kills 99.9%of the germs on our hands while maintaining moisture on the skin. Because of the germs we pick when we pick objects, it is most advisable to use automatic hand sanitizers.

How do Hand Sanitizer Dispensers work?

Automatic hand sanitizers have a sensor that detects body heat that is emitted from a person’s hand. So when the hand is placed close to the sensor, the sensor fluctuates and this pumps out a designated amount of hand sanitizer. They are also some hand sanitizer dispensers that are foot operated. They are a standing form whose lever is pressed from the floor level. They also limit the spread of germs that will have otherwise been passed if the dispenser was hand operated.

There are also some manual operated hand sanitizers. This hand sanitizer mechanism defeats the purpose of total hygiene since many people will touch the dispenser, the hand sanitizer dispenser surface will be germ infested.

The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is the best to use because it is the smallest one that can be used with minimal physical contact. So it is the one that is mostly used in various places. The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser requires no contact, is both sturdy and durable, it dispenses a standard quantity, is hygienic, has a modern appearance and has better maintenance when compared to foot hand sanitizer dispensers. It can be refilled regularly manually.

Hand sanitizer dispensers must be kept in public places. This is partly because people are advised to sanitize their hands regularly and so they have to see hand sanitizer dispensers regularly. The other reason is to remind others to sanitize regularly. By seeing the hand sanitizer dispensers regularly, the people are reminded to sanitize properly.

These automatic hand sanitizers have a few disadvantages. One of which is the price issue, hand sanitizer dispensers which are automatic are very important and useful so the products are available in the market at high prices. Another staggering drawback is that the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser operates on battery power and this battery runs down fast. So in places where electricity is not as common, it may be hard to use the automatic hand sanitizer dispensers. Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are not very easy to maintain because after some time, it can get clogged in places and will require regular cleaning.

These disadvantages however are very little when compared to the advantages and so it is best to use the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.