How Many Solar Panels Do You Have to Have to Power a Computer?

Computers have become significant since they are highly accurate, quick, and readily complete various tasks. Otherwise, manually completing such duties would take a considerable amount of time. In a fraction of a second, it can do highly complex calculations. It can also store a large amount of data. We can also obtain information on various topics by accessing the internet on our computers.

Especially nowadays, since most work can be done at home in some jobs using a PC. Losing electricity, especially during business hours, would be a nightmare for folks who work from home and use a desktop computer. Luckily, a solar panel can save the day and keep the work going, but the question is, how many solar panels do you have to have to power a computer?

This post will cover everything you need to know about running your machine on solar energy, such as how many solar panels to power a computer and what size battery you will need to keep your laptop running all day.

Solar Panel Facts

Solar Panel Facts

You might be thinking, how many solar panels to power a computer? Solar panels were first used to power processors 20 years ago. It is the most costly, clean, and renewable energy source. The quantity of solar panels needed to power a PC is usually determined by where you reside.

Solar panels are in areas that receive enough sunlight, but they take up a lot of space to install. A solar panel capable of generating 300 watts of electricity per day is used to power a desktop PC. Ensure that the PC is not directly connected to the solar inverter but instead to the UPS.

It’s crucial to remember that operating a machine directly on a solar inverter can damage it. Do you know how many solar panels to power a computer? To power a PC, you’ll need two solar panels. How much energy is needed for a solar panel to charge a desktop computer? A solar panel must have at least a total capacity of 300 watts.

Calculate how much energy your PC uses daily

To know how many solar panels to power a desktop computer, you need to calculate how much electricity your machine consumes daily to determine how many solar panels you’ll need.

Perform the following steps to calculate how much electricity you use daily:

  1. Calculate the wattage of your PC.
  2. Calculate how many hours every day you use your computer.
  3. Calculate the number of run hours per day by multiplying the computer wattage by the number of run hours per day.

Let’s figure it out together.

  1. A typical desktop computer consumes 200 to 300 watts of power.
  2. A typical computer monitor consumes 35 to 80 watts of power.
  3. Assume we’ll be using the computer for eight hours.

That indicates that running a computer for 8 hours requires (300 + 80) 8 = 3040 Wh per day from the solar system.

Calculate how many solar electricity panels create daily in your neighborhood

Several factors, including determining the amount of electricity generated by your solar panels

  • The effectiveness of solar panels
  • Wattage of solar panels
  • How many hours per day do your panels receive direct sunlight?
  • What is the intensity of the sunbeam?
  • Shading
  • Slope of the roof
  • Azimuth

And estimating how much power your solar panel will produce can be challenging because there are so many variables to consider. For the most straightforward and quickest estimate, keep multiplying the number of hours of direct sunlight you get each day by the power of your solar panels.

If you reside in California and get 5.82 peak sun hours, you’ll need 522-watt solar panels to generate 3040 Wh (3040/5.82). So, you’ll need five 100-watt solar panels to run your PC on solar energy.

Is it possible to power the computer directly from solar panels?

You can’t power your computer directly from solar panels. Therefore, we use batteries instead. As a result, you’ll need to adapt the power to fit your computer.

Batteries will function as energy storage units, allowing you to use the energy stored in them even when the sun isn’t shining or dark outside. Solar panels charge the batteries during the day, and you can utilize them at night.

As a result, you’ll need to buy a 12-volt or start with a bit of lawn-and-garden battery. Using Lithium batteries is the best solution since its rechargeable and great for fast charging. It will also have a lengthy lifespan and a greater power destiny.

What Size Battery Should I Use To Run A Personal Computer On Solar Power?

To know how many solar panels to power a computer, you need to determine the size of your battery:

The size of your battery is equal to the energy generated per hour by your solar panels divided by the battery voltage.

Size of battery: 522 Watt / 12 Volt = 40 Ah

Is an Inverter Required to Run Your PC?

Alternating current (AC)is in today’s appliances (AC). Your solar panels and battery system, on the other hand, generate direct current electricity (DC).

To use solar energy in your house or company, you’ll need an inverter to convert DC electricity to AC power in real-time. As a result, we’ll need to purchase an AC-to-DC inverter, and this will provide you with a typical domestic wall socket into which you can plug your computer.

Is it possible to power a gaming computer using solar energy?

Is it possible to power a gaming computer using solar energy?

Yes, a gaming computer uses more energy than a regular computer. A gaming PC typically consumes 400Wh to 450Wh on average.

To use solar energy to power your gaming computer.

And here’s how to figure out how many solar panels we’ll need:

8 hours x 450 W = 3600 Wh

6 hours x 200 W = 1200 Wh

1200 Wh x 3 = 3600 Wh 

To power our PC, we’ll need three 200-watt solar panels.

Pro tip: You’ll need at least two batteries to hold the extra energy; one may not be enough. On foggy days, solar panels will not produce enough power. If you have adequate strength, you can run your computer without interruption.

Note: You should first figure out how powerful your gaming computer is before calculating how many panels you’ll need to power it.

Is It Possible To Run A Laptop On Solar Power?

Yes, a laptop uses solar energy. A solar charger, which captures all of the sun’s green energy, will require a personal netbook.

A laptop uses less power and allows you to transfer your workaround more easily. Energy from the sun powers your netbook in two ways.

  1. To purchase and connect a solar laptop charger to the solar panel installed in the system.

Because a laptop requires roughly 60 watts of energy, you’ll need to add more solar panels to power it.

  1. to get a laptop that runs entirely on solar power

Many computers can now function on solar energy thanks to advancements in technology. However, there are just a few computers equipped with this technology.


Knowing how many solar panels to power a PC is essential. Using solar power to power your computer is an effective strategy to reduce the amount of energy used by your local power provider, lowering your electricity bill.