Largest Creatures on the Planet

Planet Earth is full of creatures of many sizes — short and tall, big and small. Here in this list we focus on the largest creatures of their own kind. Some of them are bigger than humans or even houses and large ships!


Next to the saltwater crocodile, the Nile crocodile is said to be the second biggest crocodile in the world. A Nile crocodile from Burundi, who was given the name Gustave, is thought to measure up to 25 feet or more.


An adult sunfish has an average height of 1.8 metes (or 5.9 feet), or when measured from fin to fin, about 2.5 meters (or 8.2 feet). The biggest recorded specimen measures 3.2 meters (or 10.5 feet).

The usual attraction at amusement parks, the Orca is seen as a friendly creature. In the wild though, they’re considered to be one of the cleverest predators. The largest recorded Orca is an adult male measuring 9.8 meters (or 32 feet) in length and has a weight of 10,000 kilograms (22,000 pounds).

This seal is unlike other cuddly seals you’ve seen in magazines and on TV because this one is actually frighteningly large. Southern elephant seals are the biggest among all the other kinds of seals. Adult males can reach up to 20 feet (or six meters) or even bigger.

The term “sperm whale” comes from the name of a waxy substance called spermaceti, which the whale secretes. Spermaceti has been commercially useful to man and that’s the reason why these whales have been hunted for centuries. The sperm whale also has the largest brain to have existed on this planet.

tiger shark

Tiger sharks can grow up to 6 feet or longer. A macro predator, the tiger shark has a diet which is varied and ranges from turtles to birds and even dolphins.

It is smaller than the hippopotamus but still this animal is incredibly huge. Unfortunately, its size doesn’t help it escape from the eyes of the poachers who hunt them for their horn, which is believed to cure a variety of diseases. Human poaching activity is the reason for the white rhinoceros’ dwindling numbers; but conservation efforts are helping to ensure the species does not become extinct.

American alligator

The American alligator is native to the marshes and swamps from Texas to North Carolina in the United States. They are usually big: females can grow up to 8.2 feet and males 11.2 feet. Although they don’t prey on humans, it can do so when provoked and will use their size to do that. Normally they feed on birds and other smaller animals.

These predators, whose favorite meal is rats of course, can grow up to an amazing five meters in length.

You’d think the giant squid is the biggest ever? Nope! There’s the colossal squid which is  even bigger and heavier than the giant squid. Specimens have been thought to reach up to 12 to 14 meters (39 to 46 feet) in length and weigh probably up to 750 kilograms (or 1,650 pounds).

Were elephas recki not extinct, they could have been easily the tallest elephant species in the world measuring at 15 feet high!

You’d think that the American bison is the most hulking bovine, but somewhere in the tropical Asian forests there is a Gaur, the biggest representative of all wild cattle. Adult males can reach up to 11 feet in length and 7 feet high at the shoulder. When you count the Gaur’s back hump, it can be even bigger. Unfortunately, Gaurs were also put on the “vulnerable” status list as their numbers are dwindling. Conservation efforts are enforced to ensure their survival and increase.

Not a surprise, as giraffes are the tallest living animals in the world. The average height of the adult male can reach up to 5.2 meters (about 17 feet).

Everyone who sees a great white shark for the first time will automatically coil in fear. They will attack anything in sight — including humans — whether it is hungry or just curious. Great white sharks can reach up to six meters long. And of course, take note of the razor-sharp teeth too! It’s no wonder that they have no known enemies, perhaps except other sharks.


The Anaconda is found in South America and undoubtedly, it’s the biggest and heaviest snake in the world — and the most feared, too. They can grow up as long as 7 meters!

The Green Sawfish is a shark-like species of ray which can grow up to about 7 meters long. The “saw” on the Green Sawfish’s body is actually the extension of its nose which is lined with sharp teeth.

Hippopotamus are among the biggest land animals that have ever existed. They spend much of their lives partly submerged in water. But don’t let their seemingly peaceful appearance fool you. If you provoke them, they’d easily become upset and will quickly charge towards you. Despite their big size they can run really fast, and unless you can outrun them, you’d better watch out! Each year, the hippo kills more people in Africa than any other animal.

King cobra

The king cobra really deserves its name because it’s currently the biggest venomous snake in the world. Some species can grow up to almost six meters (more than 19 feet) in length.