Portable Solar Chargers for When the Power Goes Out

Portable solar chargers allow you to charge your phones and other devices anytime and anywhere. These portable chargers may be small or foldable. Nevertheless, with the right wattage for your needs, these portable solar chargers can be your number one best friend. 

Portable solar chargers are essential when hiking, camping, or any activity outdoors. They are the key to having fully-charged cellphones, cameras, laptops, and other gadgets, especially when you go to a place with little to no electricity. They are also very helpful in emergencies, or calamities like typhoons, wherein widespread power outages are likely to occur. 

Your portable solar chargers are not like your battery packs which store only a finite amount of energy. Solar chargers that provide power to your gadgets are like tiny power plants that rely upon the sun for energy. The amazing thing about these solar chargers is that you may also use them to recharge your power banks or reserve the stored energy for future use. 

These very convenient portable solar chargers may come in different styles and sizes. The one commonly seen is a phone-sized solar charger with one solar panel or even several expanding and foldable solar panels. One-paneled solar chargers are more compact. The downside is they take a long time to recharge with the sun’s energy. 

On the other hand, multiple-paneled solar chargers are faster to recharge with the sun’s energy. However, they could sometimes be bulkier, making them uncomfortable to carry outdoors. If you want a faster way to recharge these portable solar chargers, you may plug them into your usual power source using the USB port that comes with them.  

You have many choices when buying portable solar chargers. And this blog will be of great help, especially if you struggle to find the best one for you. After researching and reading some reviews, these are the best portable solar chargers for when the power goes out. 

BigBlue 3 28W USB Solar Charger


The BigBlue 3 portable solar charger is one of the best solar chargers in the market. It has an excellent charging performance, and it also has a long lifespan. BigBlue 3 is a fast-charging solar charger, and with its versatility and durability, no other portable solar chargers could beat BigBlue 3’s overall performance. 

The BigBlue 3 28W USB Solar Charger has excellent unique features. It consists of three output ports, a much-needed weatherproof port protector, a built-in ammeter, and multiple huge solar panels that aid faster recharging. The best part is that even though BigBlue 3 has several solar panels, it remains smaller and lighter compared to other solar chargers, which makes it easier to put inside your backpack for outdoor activities and emergency kits for emergency power outages.  

QiSa Solar Power Bank

If you want a large solar charger that you can buy for a reasonable price, then QiSa Solar Power Bank is an excellent choice. This solar charger has a 30,000 mAh battery, which is already heavy-duty, especially when hiking or on overnight camping trips. 

This solar charger can charge up to four devices at once. Plus, wireless charging is also possible if you have Qi-compatible devices. What’s nice about QiSa Solar Power Bank is that it has a 200-lumen flashlight with an SOS mode, which is beneficial for emergencies. 

QiSa Solar Power Bank has a rainproof solar panel, which can tolerate moderate weather. However, make sure that you do not submerge it in water because that will only destroy your solar charger.  

Goertek 25,000mAh

This 25,000 mAh solar charger is an impressive high-capacity and long-lasting power bank with three USB ports that offer fast charging, especially small gadgets. The Goertek 25,000mAh solar charger has a small solar panel that can fully charge your phone several times in a day and takes several hours until its battery is exhausted. For a reasonable price, you can now get a high-quality solar charger that is good to use when the power goes out. 

The downside of this solar charger is that it does not function very well as a solar charger alone, so patience is a must. It may take you several days if you want to charge this solar charger using the sunlight alone. However, the solar panel is still trickle charging the battery pack even though several small devices plugged in the solar charger – one of the great features of Goertek 25,000mAh. 

Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel


Usually, portable single-paneled solar charges affect the solar charging capability of the charger because a small panel can only get limited solar energy. However, the Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel is unlike your usual single-paneled chargers. This solar charger is portable yet powerful. 

Goal Zero Nomad 5 is a 5-watt solar charger that is lightweight and water-resistant but not waterproof. It has a simple design which helps for easy charging. It consists of a kickstand which helps angle the panel in line with the sunlight. It also comes with carabiners that help attach the top of the panel to the backpack for charging while hiking. 

Goal Zero also has a Nomad 5 kit which consists of a solar panel and lightweight power bank or battery pack called Flip, which has one USB port. The panel that comes in the Nomad 5 kit can charge the battery pack in just three hours, even though the sun is already out. This panel is considered to be among the fastest single-paneled solar chargers. 

RAVPower 25,000mAh Outdoor Portable Solar Power Bank

The RAVPower 25,000 mAh solar charger is an excellent charge for your large cellphones and tablets. The great thing is you can charge your laptop batteries with this solar panel battery device. It has 25,000 mAh, so it is already a heavy-duty and long-lasting power bank. 

The RAVPower is a fast-charging solar charger that can charge its onboard battery from empty for only 80 hours when facing direct sunlight. This is already faster than some solar chargers that take almost 120 hours to finish charging. This solar charger also has USB ports compatible with USB A and USB C cables. 

The solar panel of the RAVPower is smaller than the battery’s capacity, so it works better for top-off charging than having it fully charged. Yes, it would take you more than a day to fully charge this solar charger from empty, which is even faster compared to others. But, if you need faster charging, you may buy an auxiliary folding solar panel for your portable solar charger, which is also available in the market. 

If you are looking for a portable solar charger ideal for emergencies or even just for everyday use, then RAVPower 25,000mAh outdoor portable solar power bank is a perfect choice. 

Jetsun Solar Charger 16,750 mAh

Jetsun solar charger is a portable solar charger with an inbuilt battery and a solar panel. It is possible to charge two gadgets all at once with two USB output ports. This Jetsun solar charger is amazingly durable – it is dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. Plus, you can get it for such a reasonable price. 

It will take you eight to ten hours to charge Jetsun solar charger’s in-built battery. To charge the Jetsun solar charger, you may plug it on a wall socket and top-up charge it in the sunlight during the daytime. It also comes with a LED light which indicates the battery percentage left on your power bank. 

Jetsun solar charger is a nice portable solar charger, perfect for walking, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.