Shocking Facts About William Tell (Musician)

We all know William Tell as a super talented artist and husband of lovely Lauren Conrad; but there’s more about him. Learn these shocking facts about William Tell musician and know the real him.

If you are a great fan of American Pop rock band, then the chances are high that you are already in love with the brown-eyed, talented musician, William Tell.

Born on 7th February, 1980 in Mission Viejo, California; William Jon Tell is a former rhythm guitarist and the backing vocalist for a piano rock band – Something Corporate. He started writing his own songs at a very young age and attracted fame and success over a short period of time.

After playing three years with the band, Tell, decided to go his own way. In 2004, William started a solo career and got signed as a solo artist at a big-named music corporation, New Door Records. William’s first solo record, ‘You can hold me down’ was released on March 13, 2007 and loved by many. In the small span of his career, William witnessed popularity, fame and success.

When Love Strikes

After fame, love was also in search of this handsome guitarist. Lauren Conrad is a fashion entrepreneur and a former reality show ‘The Hills’ star. Lauren, 16, first saw our William Tell musician at a concert where he was performing along with his band. Lauren was in the audience; unaware what destiny has decided for these two-amazing people.

Ten years later, in 2012, the fate of these two collided again when their friends set them up on a blind date.

The cupid struck his arrow. The couple instantly clicked and began to date seriously. Fans and paparazzi spotted them together at many places, enjoying each other’s company. After just about a year, the beautiful couple got engaged in 2013. Then soon on September 13, 2014; the two soulmates exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony that took place at the California coast; in the presence of close friends and family.

The perfect couple soon becomes the coolest parents in town. They had their first son, Liam James in 2017 and second son Charlie Wolf Tell, in 2019. The pictures of the handsome musician with his two darlings became the headlines of many sites.

But wait, this cute guy’s story has many more other chapters to unfold. There are many facts that are still unknown by his fans and followers. Want to know? Then keep learning the article to get some more amazing and shocking facts about your beloved William Tell musician.

Less Known Facts About Singer and Musician, William Tell

He Got His Name After a ‘Hero’

William Tell musician, got his name after a famous Swiss folklore star/Hero, William Tell. According to the legends, Tell, was an expert marksman with a crossbow who assassinated a tyrannical reeve of the Austrian dukes of the house of Habsburg, Albrecht Gessler. He is also famous for successfully shooting an apple off his son’s head with a crossbow. Sounds familiar?

Later, a famous composer Gioacchino Rossini composed a four-act Opera in the French Language named William Tell or Guglielmo Tell. The opera was one of the finest works of Rossini, and the over-performed overture features a depiction of a vivacious finale “The March of The Swiss Soldiers”. If you are still confused then the hint is ‘lone ranger’.  People often confuse William Tell Hero with William Tell Musician. Maybe it was the effects of the name itself which made him a ‘star’ and turn his interest into Music.

Rock Star Turned Lawyer

Very few people know that behind these artistic skills, there’s a shrewd sharp mind as well. William Tell is a law school graduate from the University of California. In the beginning, Tell’s academic career took a while to take off. According to him, he started college at Cal State, Chico when he was 18 but didn’t find it very ‘intellectually stimulating’. “I came back home after my freshman year and talked to my parents and told them that I wanted to take a year off to try to do music”. He recounts during an interview. Nowadays, he is working as an entertainment lawyer in Orange county.

Two ‘Heroes’ in One Family

While some of you are astonishing by a fact that this handsome guitarist has a name of a famous swiss legend; it would be great to surprise you that he is not the only one with this name in his family. His father’s name is also William Tell who encouraged the passion for music in William. Technically William Tell II learned to play guitar from his father when he was just a child and soon pleased many ears with his inherited talent. Seems like the entire family is pretty much inspired by either the Swiss hero or Rossini’s Opera. Either way, the father-son duo is indeed talented.

His Relation with Brittany Snow

Where we all appreciate and love the Lauren-William couple, it is also a fact that before meeting Conrad, William was seeing someone else from the industry. Brittany Snow is a famous singer, actress, and director. Snow rose to prominence after appearing in the CBS Soap opera Guiding Light. After that, she appeared in various films including the pacifier, Prom Night, Bushwick and John Tucker Must Die. 

William began to date Brittany Snow in April 2011 but unfortunately, this relationship status remained complicated and the two broke up only after 9 months in January 2012.

He Is Cool and Funny

Besides being a talented rhythm guitarist, and a professional lawyer; William also has some funny bones. Though he is not a very avid Social media user but often posts or retweet interesting stuff from Mental Floss, OMG Facts, or cool stuff like John Cusack joining Peter Gabriel onstage at the Hollywood Bowl etc. The brown-eyed guy also retweeted an Instagram post from Lauren last summer, with a funny caption “That moment when you realize the USC-colored scarf you are knitting for your boyfriend might look exactly like a Hogwarts’s Scarf… Awesome”. The picture was of an in-progress scarf.

Tell Doesn’t Like to Watch Lauren on TV

While this guy is head over heel for wife Lauren, seems like he doesn’t like to watch her on-screen. In an interview Conard told that how William refuses to watch his wife on TV. “We were at a hotel once and he was browsing channels and he was like ‘Oh, it’s you’. Said Conrad. “Of all scenes for him to pick, it was like us in a club, and I flip around and I was like, “I’m at the Roosevelt pool every Saturday!’ To which William was like ‘Nope’ and changed the channel: I don’t want to know THAT you’