Solar Powered Bookbags Can Help Keep Devices Going

We live in a modern world where it is impossible to live without smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is indeed a nightmare to lose the power of these handy technologies, especially when going off-grid. The main issue with taking devices is charging them and continually looking for a power outlet. Luckily, modern technology such as solar-powered bookbags can help keep devices going when you’re on the move! We have the best guide to solar power backpacks that helps you narrow down the solar-powered bookbags that you can choose!

Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about the greatest solar-powered bookbags:

  1. The Best Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops is the Voltaic Solar Backpack Charger.
  2. ECEEN Hiking Backpack with External Frame – Largest Solar Bag Size
  3. High-Efficiency Solar Panel ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack
  4. Watt Solar Panel ECEEN Solar Backpack – Laptop Sleeve
  5. External Frame Backpack – Waterproof Solar Backpack by HAWEEL
  6. Foldable Hiking Daypack ECEEN Solar Backpack – Lightweight Solar Backpack
  7. Padded Shoulder Straps on the XPower Hiking Solar Backpack

1. Voltaic Systems Solar Powered Laptop Backpack

The top feature is on the Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops. The solar-powered bookbag, Voltaic Backpack, is ranked first because it has the highest wattage and a high-capacity battery. In addition to the high wattage and high-capacity battery, the solar-powered bookbag Voltaic Backpack has good size and is water-resistant overall.


  • This solar-powered bookbag has the most significant power output of any solar-powered bookbag in this study, thanks to its 60-watt monocrystalline solar panel, which is powerful and efficient.
  • When you consider all of its characteristics, a size of 25 L is quite adequate.
  • It comes with a battery pack, unlike the other goods in the review. A 19,800 mAh battery is included, which may also be used to power your laptop.
  • This solar-powered bookbag is made from recycled PET bottles and is water and tear-resistant.
  • The manufacturer is eco-friendly, durable, and waterproof because each solar-powered bookbag is recycled PET.

2. ECEEN External Frame Hiking Backpack

The ECEEN Hiking Backpack has the largest backpack size of any of the solar-powered bookbags in our list of solar-powered bookbags. On the other hand, it has one of the greatest wattages. It is both lightweight and long-lasting.

ECEEN has a storage capacity of up to 68 liters. There is no other solar-powered bookbag on the list that comes close to this size. A total of 20 watts of power is from the solar panels attached to the backpack.


  • There is no other solar-powered bookbag that can hold as many goods like this one.
  • Voltaic Systems only surpass the wattage of solar panels.
  • It has a removable solar panel. As a result, buying a replacement panel will not be difficult.
  • This is one of the lightest solar-powered bookbags on the list.
  • Has two USB ports, one more than the Voltaic Backpack. As a result, you may charge two devices at the same time.

3. Solar Backpack with Integrated Solar Panel from ECEEN (Anti-Theft)

Because of its high-power output and unique anti-theft construction, the ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack is one of our top solar-powered bookbags. Aside from such qualities, this solar-powered bookbag is lightweight and good-sized. The mounted solar panels have a maximum power output of 10 watts.


  • The wattage is relatively high – only the Voltaic Backpack and the ECEEN Hiking have a higher wattage.
  • The solar-powered bookbag is a good size, with a capacity of roughly 26L.
  • With a weight of 1.65 pounds, it won’t feel like a burden on your back.
  • This solar-powered bookbag has been designed to limit the risk of theft, so you may feel more secure while going around with it on your back.

4. ECEEN Solar Backpack with Retractable Solar Panels

On our list, ECEEN has one of the largest solar-powered bookbags. Aside from that, the solar panels’ power output is quite impressive.

This solar-powered bookbag has a capacity of 42 liters. The ECEEN Hiking and the XPower Hiking are the only models with additional room. You may use this solar-powered bookbag for various activities, including hiking, bicycling, hunting, and running.

An interesting fact about ECEEN is that it includes a 2L water bladder with its pocket in the backpack. As the name says, solar panels can produce up to 7 watts of power.


  • Significant power output — only the Voltaic Backpack, ECEEN Hiking, and ECEEN Anti-Theft can match it.
  • Larger solar-powered bookbag sizes are only available on the ECEEN Hiking and the XPower Hiking.
  • It’s fairly tear-resistant and water-resistant.
  • Solar panels are removable.

5. HAWEEL External Frame Backpack

In our assessment of solar-powered bookbags, the HAWEEL External Frame Backpack comes in second. This solar-powered bookbag has a sound power output, is considerable, and is lightweight.

The solar panels on the HAWEEL solar-powered bookbag can produce up to 7 watts of solar energy. The HAWEEL is similar to what the ECEEN 7W Solar provides. It does, however, fall short of the ECEEN Anti-Theft, Voltaic Backpack, and ECEEN Hiking packages.


  • 7 watts of power output – not as much as the Voltaic Backpack, but plenty for the purpose.
  • The solar panels are removable.
  • The solar-powered bookbag has a total capacity of 30L with many pockets and sections. Only the ECEEN Hiking and ECEEN 7W Solar have a larger overall footprint.
  • It has only one USB port; however, it does include a headphone jack.
  • It is relatively light.

6. Foldable Hiking Daypack With 5V Power Supply ECEEN Solar Backpack

The ECEEN Foldable is one of the most affordable backpacks we tested, and it is also the lightest. Aside from the low price, you get a lot of room and a reasonable amount of power.


  • It has removable solar panels. As a result, the defective board is replaceable.
  • It’s the lightest of all the backpacks we tested in terms of weight and portability.
  • Considering the weight, the 30 L size is quite impressive. The SCREEN Hiking, XTPower Hiking, and ECEEEN 7W are the only models with more space.
  • Water resistance, tear resistance, and overall durability are all acceptable.
  • A variety of color choices

7. Hiking Large Solar Backpack With Flexible Solar Panel from XT Power

The XPower Hiking produces adequate power. It’s small, light, and efficient, and it has a flexible solar panel. It’s also rather sturdy.


  • Its size is one of the largest we’ve seen — only the ECEEN Hiking is bigger.
  • You can easily remove the PV panel.
  • Lighter than the Voltaic Backpack or ECEEN 7W.

Consider These Features Before Purchasing a Solar Backpack

The output of Solar Panels (Wattage)

Any product that uses less than 5 watts of power will not complete your required task.

The capacity of the battery/power bank

In general, a battery bank with a capacity of at least 10,000 mAh should be your top priority. Anything less won’t make a significant difference.

Removable Solar Panels

The benefit of purchasing a backpack with a replaceable panel is that you can easily replace it if it becomes damaged. You can also change the board for more excellent sun ray reception and improved performance.

Backpack Dimensions

If all you need is a bag for your daily activities, one in the 12L to 25L size range would suffice. Athletes and cyclists can get away with carrying lighter backpacks. They’d be happy with anything between 8 and 10 liters. Larger bags, such as those ranging from 30 to 100 liters, are better for hiking.


You should choose a waterproof product in the sun, tear-resistant and long-lasting.