What are Earth Sheltered Homes and What are Their Benefits?

An Earth sheltered home found in Switzerland.

The nature of human housing has evolved drastically since our earliest days. From living in caves, to mud and straw huts, to wooden and stone homes, to the grand skyscrapers we see today. This evolution is still going on of course, as is common with nearly every aspect of human life. And … Read more

A Guide to Earth Science

A volcanic eruption on the Earth’s surface

 Our planet is full of mysteries and natural phenomena that baffles the human mind for thousands of years. These events come in various forms; some of them showcase the beauty of nature, while some bring destruction. Because of their incredible impact in our world, it sparked the interest of the early philosophers … Read more

History of Geology

The rock cycle shows the relationship between its various types

 Earth science is one of the most diverse fields of science since it primarily studies the various phenomena on our planet. That is why this field of science has several other branches to explore more specific topics regarding the Earth. One of the most significant areas of study under Earth science is … Read more

History of Hydrology

Rain over a Scottish catchment

 The Earth is made up of roughly seventy-one percent water, wherein more than ninety-five percent of it is from the oceans. With this said, we can say that the abundance of water here on our planet is evident, and could hold several phenomena just by observing it. As expected, the various bodies … Read more

History of Seismology

seismogram record

Our world is home to several beautiful wonders of nature, including the tall mountains, green forests, vast oceans, and many more. Besides these magnificent sceneries, our planet also has incredible natural occurrences, which is essential in sustaining human life. However, among the natural occurrences here on Earth, some have a destructive force … Read more

Interesting Facts about Space

Interesting Facts about Space

The outer space has never failed to fascinate us. Here are the some more interesting facts about space that you need to know! More energy from the sun hits Earth every hour than the planet uses in a year Unfortunately, solar energy has produced just 1/10 of 1% of the worldwide energy … Read more

Interesting Facts About the Moon

Interesting Facts About the Moon

For many people, the moon is just a white yellow round figure in the sky that lights the darkness. But when you look at it you think, how it is to be really there? We give you some ideas how the Moon really is like through these interesting facts! The moon has … Read more

Interesting Facts About the Sun

The Sun

We all know the Sun is a hot ball of gas that stays visible throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. But is that all you know about it? Well, here are some other interesting facts about the Sun that you may or may not know! The Sun is orbited by nine major planets … Read more