What are Earth Sheltered Homes and What are Their Benefits?

The nature of human housing has evolved drastically since our earliest days. From living in caves, to mud and straw…

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A Guide to Earth Science

 Our planet is full of mysteries and natural phenomena that baffles the human mind for thousands of years. These events…

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History of Geology

 Earth science is one of the most diverse fields of science since it primarily studies the various phenomena on our…

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History of Hydrology

 The Earth is made up of roughly seventy-one percent water, wherein more than ninety-five percent of it is from the…

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History of Seismology

Our world is home to several beautiful wonders of nature, including the tall mountains, green forests, vast oceans, and many…

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Interesting Facts about Space

The outer space has never failed to fascinate us. Here are the some more interesting facts about space that you…

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Interesting Facts About the Moon

For many people, the moon is just a white yellow round figure in the sky that lights the darkness. But…

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Interesting Facts About the Sun

We all know the Sun is a hot ball of gas that stays visible throughout the day, from sunrise to…

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Coldest Places On Earth

Our planet Earth is not bereft of extremes, including extremes in temperature. Some regions are frighteningly cold compared to other…

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