History of Mathematics

Mathematics is a significant part of our lives; we see it every time whether we are aware of it or…

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History of Physics

Modern science includes a variety of fields and branches to conduct a more thorough study of a specific subject. One…

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History of Natural Sciences

Our world is full of science, which is present in our everyday lives. Several fields of science make up the…

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History of Acoustics

If you love music, playing instruments, or going to concerts, then you might be one of the many people that…

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History of Optics

 Natural phenomena come in various forms, which we often see every day.  Because of these phenomena, scientists dedicate time and…

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Why Physics makes our Life Easier

Most of the time, people associate physics with complex experiments and famous figures like Albert Einstein. Even though it is…

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Top 5 Universities for Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy are disciplines that are intertwined and share a lot of characteristics. They both study the properties and…

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How To Study Physics: 5 Techniques

Physics is different from other subjects, most of them because it heavily relies on problem-solving. It relies on applying concepts…

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20 Science Project Ideas for Young Kids

Aside from reading books to learn about different things, doing hands-on activities is another effective way of teaching young children…

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Amazing Facts about the Big Bang Theory

Most scientists accept that the universe started with the Big Bang. The theory states that around 13.7 billion years ago,…

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Interesting Facts About Marie Curie

Marie Skłodowska Curie was a Polish-French physicist and chemist known for breaking down barriers in the male-dominated field of science…

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Fascinating Theoretical Particles

The ancient Greeks were the first to assume the existence of the atoms, the smallest particles of the universe. But…

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Fascinating Quantum Physics Facts

Quantum physics or quantum mechanics, in simple terms, is the part of physics that relates to things that are tiny.…

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Crazy Physics Facts

Here are some crazy and incredible physics facts that are worth sharing with your friends and family! When traveling through…

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Famous Physicists and their Discoveries

In this gallery we pay tribute to the famous physicists and their discoveries that not only changed the face of…

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