History of Robotics

Atlas robot designed to aid emergency services

 Over the years, it is evident that the development of science is continuously advancing. With the different technologies present in our modern world, we can say that science already reached am advanced stage, wherein we can see several scientific wonders existing in our world today. One of the popular creations of science … Read more

A Guide to Earth Science

A volcanic eruption on the Earth’s surface

 Our planet is full of mysteries and natural phenomena that baffles the human mind for thousands of years. These events come in various forms; some of them showcase the beauty of nature, while some bring destruction. Because of their incredible impact in our world, it sparked the interest of the early philosophers … Read more

History of Geology

The rock cycle shows the relationship between its various types

 Earth science is one of the most diverse fields of science since it primarily studies the various phenomena on our planet. That is why this field of science has several other branches to explore more specific topics regarding the Earth. One of the most significant areas of study under Earth science is … Read more

History of Geography

Physical map of the Earth with political borders

 The Earth is a planet that is capable of sustaining life for humans, animals, plants, and many others. Its vastness spans up to 6,371 kilometers, which made it possible for billions of humans to live in different parts of the globe. Apart from the life dwelling on Earth, it is also filled … Read more

History of Meteorology

General circulation of the Earth’s atmosphere

Every day, we experience various weather conditions that have a significant effect on our world. These weathers vary in their impact on our society, wherein some are essential to sustain life, while some bring disastrous effects to our surroundings. Despite all of these factors, the Earth’s constant-changing weather and climate are vital … Read more

History of Paleontology

A paleontologist at work

Fossils are naturally preserved remains of ancient life, which we could trace back to thousands of years. These ancient traces of life serve a significant part of our history since it gives us a deeper understanding of the origins of our world. Fossils come in various sizes and types. The first thing … Read more

History of Mineralogy

The fundamental principles of mineralogy

Our world is full of different kinds of minerals. We can find these minerals in many parts of the globe, wherein they are often associated with rocks. These rocks are a product of natural processes that occur over time, which ended up as minerals. Interestingly, rocks are not entirely minerals. It is … Read more

History of Oceanography

Surface view of the Atlantic Ocean

Our oceans are undoubtedly incredible wonders of nature. It is vast, deep, and it is home to thousands of marine animals. The enormous size of the world’s ocean is a whopping 361.9 million square kilometers or 139.7 million square miles. This massive size covers roughly 70.9% of our planet’s surface and has … Read more

History of Volcanology

A volcanologist at work

Our planet is full of volcanoes, wherein statistic shows that there are roughly 1,500 active volcanoes around the globe. These features of the Earth are a part of the crust, which allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and various gases to escape from a magma chamber below. We often see volcanoes in movies, … Read more

History of Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology

In our modern world, it is evident that science already reached an advanced stage, wherein scientists and inventors use it to create incredible technologies. These inventions made a significant impact on how we live our daily lives by providing us much easier ways to perform tasks. Some of the most popular technologies … Read more

10 Times When Science Got It All Wrong

10 Times When Science Got It All Wrong

There is no perfect invention; every scientific invention is subject to some degree of error. We shall be going back into time to narrate some instances where science got it completely wrong. If you’re not sure you’re moving in the right direction with your college writing assignments, you can contact vivaessays.com. 1. … Read more

Ideas for Using Math to Make Money

Ideas for Using Math to Make Money

Many people hate Math because of the complicated formulas you need to learn and the problems you need to solve. But there are also lots of people who love Math and are good at it. Math and Science are two challenging subjects for a lot of students. That’s why those who excel … Read more

10 Amazing Gifts For Science Lovers

Your nerdy, well-educated friends and family members that love all things having to do with science might just be your most fun group of people to buy gifts for. Even if you don’t know a ton about geek-culture the things they tend to be into are unique, educational, and often very funny … Read more

Getting Children Involved in Science

AmScope 120X 1200X 52 pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope

Science is one of the subjects that are taught in almost every school in the world. The reason behind teaching science is for students to learn the basics of how things move and why elements in the Earth and the universe exist while also developing their interest in the subject so that … Read more

Emerging Science Fields You’ll Want to Know About

Science is continually changing and developing, as thousands of theories and studies are being put out by researchers every year. Due to the rapid growth of science in recent years, there have been several fields that are much more prioritizes today than others. These fields may have been sub-branches of main areas … Read more

What are the Main Fields of Science?

The constant evolution of science has massively contributed to the advancement of human living on Earth. From being able to use vehicles through physics, to curing our illnesses hastily through medicine, science has truly helped us discover ways to make specific tasks and functions in our lives easier and more convenient. Throughout … Read more

12 Best Interactive Science Websites for Students

Technologies penetrate education deeper and deeper, allowing students to learn easily and for fun. Long gone are those times when people need to rewrite educational material, seek limited information, develop tricks to memorize better, etc. Technologies have made it simpler to study due to creative visuals, interactive approaches, and interesting interfaces. If … Read more

Simple Science Experiments Kids Can Do at Home

Science experiment illustration

Science experiments are one of the best bonding activities you can do with your kids. It’s because children are born scientists and they are always experimenting with something like blowing bubbles when taking a bath or stacking blocks into a tower then destroying it after. You might think that science can be … Read more

Finding a Telescope That Won’t Break Your Budget


Telescopes can help us see the beauty of the stars, constellations, and other celestial objects.  However, the price of some telescopes can be daunting and it is kind of difficult to start a hobby in astronomy when you’re on a budget. But not all of them are expensive because there are also … Read more

Best Home 3D Printers

Best Home 3D Printers

3D printers seem to be popping everywhere from classrooms to design shops. It’s because they can save you both time and money since it works efficiently and does not require complex materials in order to get the job done. It is also a great idea to have your own 3D printer at … Read more

3D Printer Science Projects

3D Printer Science Projects

With 3D printing, you can envision a future where there’s no longer a need for you to go to stores and spend a lot of money buying toys, pieces of jewelry, and other pre-fabricated items. Because with just one press of a button on a 3D printer, you will be able to … Read more

How Do 3D Printers Work?

How Do 3D Printers Work

These days, 3D printing is everywhere. Businesses are using them to make many different things that range from product prototypes to jet engines and everything in between. But have you ever wondered how 3D printers work? How do you think these machines are able to make three-dimensional objects of virtually any shape … Read more

Best Low Cost 3D Printers

3D Printer

3D printers are a powerful device to use when making models, prototypes, or other objects that you’d like to create easily. However, 3D printers can be very expensive, especially a decade ago when an average one costs more than a hundred thousand dollars. But today, since it first became available for home … Read more

Benefits of 3D Printing

Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing started as a niche service but is now predicted to one day revolutionize the world of production. It may unlikely replace many traditional manufacturing methods yet, but there are a lot of applications where a 3D printer is able to deliver a design quickly with high accuracy from a functional … Read more

Top Recommended 3D Printers

3D printer

3D printing is indeed one of the most exciting technologies that have been invented. 3D printers are now being used by automotive designers, industrial designers, and medical research scientists. But aside from them, 3D printing is also being enjoyed by hobbyists and other professionals today. It is something that can help you … Read more

What is a 3D Printer?

What is a 3D Printer?

With the advancement of technology, a lot of high-tech inventions are being developed such as electric vehicles, solar devices, and more. And one of those amazing inventions we have today is the 3D Printer. But what exactly is a 3D printer? A 3D printer is a machine that will allow you to … Read more

Best Microscopes for Hobbyists


A microscope is not just for scientists and for clinical use but for hobbyists as well. For hobbyists, the microscope is a common equipment that enables them to examine the structures of organisms as well as craft projects and collections that are invisible to the naked eye. Whatever your hobby is, a … Read more

Best Microscopes for Kids and Beginners

microscope for kids

It’s great to teach kids how to use the microscope because it will be able to show them aspects of our world that are not seen by the naked eye. Aside from learning, they will also enjoy observing different specimens under the microscope. However, microscopes for kids and beginners should be durable … Read more

Guide to Buying Microscopes

Looking into a microscope

A microscope is used to see objects that are too small to be seen by our naked eyes. The word microscope came from the Ancient Greek words mikros which means “small”, and skopein which means “to look” or “see”. If you’re looking into buying a microscope, it can be challenging but it … Read more