Science of the Home – Using Science to Cook

attractive japanese woman cooking in the kitchen

Cooking is an art; it is also a form of science at the same time. When you’re following a recipe, you’re relying on the principles of chemistry and physics to create something delicious. But did you know you can use science to improve your cooking skills? In this blog post, we’ll discuss … Read more

Amazing Facts You May Not Know About Color

Explosion of colored powder on black background

Did you know that different colors evoke various emotions in people? Red is associated with excitement and passion, green is calming and refreshing, blue is reliable and trustworthy, and so on. In this blog post, we’ll explore some amazing color fun facts that you may not have known before! Chromophobia is the … Read more

Fun Facts about Polymer Slime

Bright pink glitter slime

Polymer slime is all the rage right now. Kids and adults alike are obsessed with it! But what exactly is polymer slime? And why is it so popular? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some fun facts about polymer slime that you may not have known before. We will also explore some … Read more

What Periodic Element is a Favorite Among Scientists?

An image of the current modern version of the periodic table of elements.

The elements that are naturally found in our world are an absolutely fascinating field of study. Just a few decades ago arrogant chemists and physicists claimed we had discovered all the elements that existed. At that time the periodic table consisted of only around 80 elements. Today that number has risen to … Read more

Fun Facts About Physics

A long exposure shot of the launch of a SpaceX rocket around dusk or dawn.

Our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and indeed, our whole universe, is one mind-blowingly fascinating place. Ever since the dawn of mankind we have looked up at the stars and wondered what they were. Different religions and mythologies have tried to explain our universe and our reason for existing, and although … Read more

Ways Scientific Discoveries Can Affect Our Lives

A group of large radar dishes in a straight line pointed towards the sky.

The next time you leave the house to get your morning coffee or to run a grocery run, take a moment to slow down and truly appreciate the marvels you are surrounded by. From the cars zipping by to the phones in everyone’s hands. The world we currently live in is so … Read more

Scientific Facts About Birds You May Not Know

A flock of birds flying over the city of Prague.

Our planet is teeming with life, and these hundreds of millions of lifeforms are divided in to different categories depending on how they evolved and adapted to their surroundings. We’ve got mammals, then subspecies of mammals like apes and cats. We’ve got reptiles, then subspecies of reptiles like snakes and lizards. We’ve … Read more