Top Science and Tech Websites

Polling the most popular science and tech sites

Here are some of the current top science and tech websites the web has to offer today. If you’re looking to find out the latest in technology, social networking, social media, mobile and more these are all great resources!

Sites of mainstream technology and social media

First is Cnet. This site offers product reviews and updates of the latest in all things popular mainstream technology. These mainly include smart phones and other tech gadgets, the latest in computers of different brands, Facebook and other social media websites, and tech tutorials. The site is entertaining and informing with lots of pictures.

The second website of note is Mashable. This site is a guide to social media (Such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.). It also offers updates, notable occurrences, news and updates of all things social media. It also news on tech gadgets, mobile apps, e-Commerce,  and the latest trends in entertainment, automotive industry, fashion and a lot more. This site provides the latest and greatest news in social media.

Another website worthy of mention is The Next Web, where you can get the latest news and insights on science and technology, social media, tech gadgets, apps, business and anything else that will fill your need for anything techie. You can also shop at the latest tech gadgets, apps, subscriptions to certain tech services (such as SEO) at incredible discounts!

Sites on computer hacking and gadgets/consumer electronics

TechCrunch is another great technology website. Among other things, it offers information about computer hacking, (-which may or may not be legal; apparently it is.) This website is more advanced. It offers more varieties of technology for more advanced users. It is more difficult to digest for the layman than the previous two sites.

Engadget is a more complex site, but it offers the same kind of thing. It is a little easier to navigate given some useful tabs at the top.

Gizmodo also offers news as well as thoughtful insights and analyses on science and technology, the latest on tech and electronic gadgets, as well as design. Fans of science fiction and cosplays will be definitely entertained by this website as well.

All these sites are in the same web design, so they are very easy to compare and navigate form one to another. There is a board with article posts of the latest in technology in all of these websites. Also lots of little bits of info and graphics to liven up the sites. Technology is really a premier field. New technology, as we all know, is the current buzz-word on everybody’s lips and fingertips.  And you can check out amazing gadgets at Lookgadgets today!

Sites on the broader scope of science


Now on to the bigger fish in the science and tech sea. has a broader variety of topics. That is, topics beyond average everyday consumer use. This includes advances in the following fields: Biomedicine, Computing, Web, Communications, Energy, etc. This site is for the more-advanced technology enthusiasts.

Moving on, is Discovery Channel’s website, at IT offers a wide array of fascinating ranging from sharks to the latest technology. It mixes science, gadgets and good old interest in science. This site is very user-friendly for consumers to enjoy some of the most advanced technological discoveries in the world. It is presented in such a way that everyday people can understand.

If you’re into space and all things related, then is a great site to check out that covers astronomy, space travel, cool tech like robots, space ships and much more. It covers the whole spectrum of astronomy and space exploration.