What Accessories Do You Need for a Gas Generator?

A gasoline generator is a useful piece of equipment to have, especially if you have an RV or face frequent power issues. It’s also a good option for when you’re going camping or just want to live off the grid. However, just buying a gas generator is usually not enough, as you need some important accessories to make your experience the best it can be.

Accessories for your gas generator might be optional at times, but they’re highly recommended by those familiar with such machines. If you want to assure yourself of a smooth and long-running operation, you need to have at least the essential items on hand. Without them, you might find yourself without the necessary emergency backup for your RV, home, or campsite. For some, generators might even be the primary source of power for their construction site or trailer.

In order to make sure that all goes well with your generator, here are some of the most necessary accessories you should have on hand. You’ll need them at some point, whether for repair, maintenance, or optimizing performance:

A Maintenance Kit

A gas generator has several components and quite a few moving parts, so it requires proper maintenance if you want it to last a long time. Even if your particular model comes with a long warranty, you can’t always afford to wait until someone comes to repair the generator or a replacement arrives in case of a problem.

The best bet you have is to invest in a proper maintenance kit that will ensure that your generation stays in decent condition. This should include some replacement air filters, some spark plugs, and replacement oil.

Of course, simply owning a maintenance kit is not enough. If you want to remain hands-on in taking care of your generator and avoid having to pay high repair charges, you should also acquire the knowledge needed for proper maintenance. For this, you can read up on some tips about changing the oil and general generator maintenance.


A gasoline generator or any large machine operated by gasoline usually produces a very loud noise when in operation. This can be disturbing for your neighbors and yourself as well. Your gas generator might come with its own muffler installed already, but this might not prove too effective, especially after some time has passed.

Some camping sites have regulations to control the amount of noise, so you need to have a quality muffler on you at such times. For best results, the muffler should fit the generator as closely as possible.

Sometimes, even the best mufflers might not be able to tone down the noise from your generator to an acceptable level. If the regulations in your neighborhood, trailer park, or campsite are very strict, you might want to invest in a quiet generator from the very beginning. This list of top 10 quiet portable power generators might help with making the right choice.

Fuel Stabilizer

Even if you use your gas generator as a primary power source, there are inevitably times when you want to store it away. This could occur when you’re going away on vacation, living at a friend’s house, or have to leave the area in cases of emergency. Just like a lawnmower, the fuel in a gas generator could congeal and thicken when not utilized or cleaned for some time.

You obviously have the option of draining the machine completely before storing it, but that’s not always feasible. You might want to power up the generator as soon as you come back home, or you might simply not have time to make such arrangements. This is why it’s best to invest in a fuel stabilizer in order to ward off gum buildup and keep that furl fresh for as long as possible.

The best fuel stabilizers on the market today will not just keep the fuel good for a long time, but also freshen it up if it’s already congealed. It’s also best if you only have to use a little at a time in order to achieve the desired results. Make sure to read the reviews online to confirm if a fuel stabilizer has these features or not.

A Cold Weather Kit

If you reside in a location where the climate can turn very cold, a cold weather kit is a must for your generator. This will hopefully prevent the fuel from thickening or even freezing up in extreme temperatures. A proper cold weather kit will include a battery warmer and an oil heater, which would prevent any unwanted solidifying or jammed parts.

Wheel Kit

Gas generators might come with their own wheels, but some models don’t. It’s best to get a wheel kit for your generator just in case, even if you think you won’t be moving it around much. Generators can be quite heavy, and you might not have the manpower to lift it every single time.

A wheel kit for a generator is especially important if you’re using this equipment for your RV, campsite, or construction site. This sort of usage would mean that the generator needs to be packed up and pulled out quite frequently, as you’ll be moving about from one place to another.

 When you’re on the go, the portability of your general is a major factor to consider. If you’re still on the lookout for a more travel-friendly model, check out some of the best portable power generators on the market. You might also be interested in generating green energy and giving your legs some exercise, so some reviews of pedal power generators might also come in handy.

Automatic Transfer Switch

Gas generators are usually purchased for providing a steady supply of electricity to a certain place. To make sure that the transfer of electricity is safe, a transfer switch is essential. This will isolate the circuits that are making use of the generator’s electricity. This diminishes the danger of back-feeding into the electrical utility. As a result, the workers on a construction site or anyone else making use of the electricity wouldn’t risk their bodily health or property.

With an automatic transfer switch, you can set up the generator for instantly turning on if your main grid loses power at any time. This will ensure that your supply of power remains uninterrupted, making your generator experience much more convenient.

There are several kinds of generator transfer switches that you can browse through when deciding to get one for your own use. There are also several considerations to take into account while making such a purchase, so it’s best to read up on all you need to know about generator transfer switches.

Dust Cover

This is one of the non-tech essentials you need to ensure your generator remains in its optimum condition. If you leave your generator outside or even store it inside with a cover, dust particles could easily get inside and cause problems. By covering the generator with a thick dust cover when it’s not in use, you prevent it from exposure to dust, water, wind, and other potentially harmful elements.

Your generator cover should be waterproof and without any holes in it. With this simple precaution, you can prevent the body and the insides from rusting or jamming. Make sure that the cover is also similar to the size of the generator itself.

Power Cord

You might need to have a sturdy and long power cord for delivering electricity from the generator to the required point. These are usually of the heavy-duty kind, not the ones you have for home use. They should be able to power up heavy appliances that you want to use with your generator.

When buying a power cord, make sure that you look at the amps it offers. This should be according to the amp specification for the generator’s outlet. To make the most of your cord, see if it has a considerable length. One that measures about 25 feet will enable you to keep a safe distance from the generator fumes, but it will be a hassle to wind up and store every time.

If you’re tired of using cords and simply want something to charge your mobile devices, there is another option. This guide to hand-cranked power generators might be just what you’re looking for. They’re economical, travel-friendly, and also a green option for generating energy while on the go.


A gas generator is a very convenient machine, but it does require you to be a bit alert. You might want to make and check off a generator inspection checklist every month or so, just to make sure everything is in working order. We don’t want our generators giving up just when we need them the most, so make sure you take the necessary precautions.

At times, the best accessories for your generator will depend on the climate your’ living in and how often you’re using the generator. If it’s warm all year round but the winters are harsh, for instance, a cold weather kit should be purchased at the beginning of the cold months. In any case, you want to ensure that your days are comfortable and worry-free by having your generator running smoothly at all times.