What Role do Microplate Readers play in Virology ?

We have all seen the devastation that a virus can cause in our society, when the COVID-19 appeared, a few years back. In fact, we are still suffering from the changes that it caused, and people are still dying from it; especially if they are already suffering from other health issues. However, thanks to microplate readers, we were able to identify quickly those who were infected, in order to isolate them and protect everyone. But that is not the only use of microplate readers in virology, as you will discover by reading the article below.

Viruses are Dangerous for Humans, but also to Nature

When we talk about viruses these days, we often think of health issues found inside men and women, or we are reminded of the viruses that can cause problems inside our computers. However, we rarely think about the damage they can cause to nature, which can be massive. A virus that finds its place inside a vegetable crop or a herd of animals, can literally decimate it. It takes one animal or one plant to be attacked, for the whole group to find itself infected. Depending on the strength of the virus, it can kill everything that comes in its way, until a crop is entirely lost or no more animals are left alive or non-infected. In fact, one of the issues caused by these viruses, is that we may have to destroy anything that it came in contact with, if we don’t want to have human health issues, later on.

Thanks to microplate readers, like the one they manufacture at BMG Labtech, the world is safer today than it was years ago. Their product can detect any virus that may have gotten into plants, animals and humans, but also in bacteria as well. That gives us a new protection barrier that we did not have previously. From the moment that we catch a virus, we can isolate whoever or whatever came into contact with it, so that we can reduce the loss, in the end. That translates into live saves, which was the case during the pandemic. These machines were the fastest way, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, to identify those who were infected with it. We can definitely say a big thank you to this technology, as it helped us greatly in the fight against COVID-19.

More Positive Uses

Microplate readers are not only there to protect us, when health issues need to be detected. They can also be pro-active tools, that help us to create a better future for all. That is because scientists use them to develop vaccines, antiviral drugs, as well as diagnostic tests. Before they existed, research was mainly based on microscopic methods. It took much longer, as each specimen had to be looked at by a doctor in the field of research. Now, with the use of multi microplate readers, this action can be done simultaneously for many specimens at a time, and indicate various test results, all at once, as well. And so, we now have super efficient tools that enable us to act more rapidly, in case of emergency situations.