3 Problems You May Encounter When Using a Computer 

Computers are an integral part of our everyday lives. Most of us use them for work and then use them for leisure once the working day is done. Really, they are incredible devices. As they keep improving and evolving, they become more and more essential to us. However, there are always the age-old issues that we encounter. Normally it’s not our fault at all. And, of course, the issues hit exactly when you could do without them. Here are some that I can almost guarantee have affected you at some point.

We all encounter issues when on our computers.

1. Connection Issues

We can all agree that one of the most infuriating things about computers is their reliance on Wi-Fi or some connection. In an age where we rely on having immediate access to information, that ‘you are offline’ notification breaks hearts. Unfortunately, there is not an easy fix for this problem. An array of reasons can cause it.

One of the most straightforward reasons you may suffer connection issues is your network being overrun with people. It can suffer congestion issues. For example, in the evening, when everyone gets home from work and rushes to watch their favourite shows. Suppose you’re having an issue, meaning your monitor connection keeps failing. In that case, it may be a power source problem. Be careful when investigating power supplies, as they can be extremely dangerous. Still, it is always worth exploring whether the problem stems from an external factor, such as the mains electricity or whether it is internal to the computer, such as a specific part.

2. Different Files not Compatible

Have you ever wondered the best way to convert your M4A to MP3 files? Okay, that’s a bit specific, but I can guarantee you’ve had a time when one file won’t open on a different device. Trust me when I say that if you find yourself in this situation, it’s a very annoying one. Files are only sometimes easily shared between other brands of computers, different software programs and generally different models. Sometimes, they are not readily compatible.

There are plenty of websites that will convert your files for you. Whether that be written, audio or video files, there is a site out there that will help. Equally, some very clever individuals can alter a file’s code so that it matches another file. It is almost like a game of pairs. Sometimes, you can solve the problem yourself. It may be as easy as simply checking that your computer software is entirely up to date and updating it if it still needs to be updated.

One principal advice to avoid this issue is to use widely supported files. For example, where possible, stick to your PDF or Word documents. These widely recognised files are much less likely to have compatibility issues than more niche files.

This is one of those issues you will encounter at some point. But fear not, there are solutions!

Computer issues can be very frustrating, especially when they suddenly happen.

3. Accidentally Deleting or Losing Your Information

Have you ever had it where one minute you are looking at a screen of work, and the next minute, it’s all gone? How can information and files suddenly disappear? The truth is, they don’t. But, it is possible to lose your information briefly or suddenly not have access anymore.

Perhaps you’ve accidentally pressed the delete key, or your dog has with their paw! Another standard human error is when individuals try to rename files and then they find it almost impossible to find them again. (There’s an easy fix to that one… name your files something memorable and relevant!) If you’re lucky then whichever device or programme you are using will have a ‘back’ or ‘undo’ button. If these aren’t obvious then contact an IT professional for help. Don’t worry, it’s an easy mistake to make, easier than you would think, that is until it happens to you!

One of the more frustrating reasons information may be accidentally deleted or lost is corruption. Data stored on storage devices can become corrupt due to technical malfunctions, software issues or a loss of power. Corrupted data often become illegible and almost impossible to access. There are many computer professionals out there who can help you get your data back. Honestly, I wouldn’t advise trying to solve this problem by yourself. First of all, they will identify the type of corruption you are dealing with and then go ahead and explore the damage. Which files are savable and which will take just a bit more work?

In Conclusion

It is very likely that one day, probably not too far off, you will find yourself experiencing one of these issues. Most issues can be resolved. So, just stay calm, try not to panic and re-read this article!