Greatest Medical Breakthroughs in History

greatest medical breakthroughs in history

There are a lot of medical discoveries, but there are a few that will always be considered the milestones of medical history. Check them out! The most familiar medical breakthrough is the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928. And why is it so familiar? Probably because it’s something that most … Read more

Unexplainable Scientific Discoveries

Unexplainable Scientific Discoveries

Science and technology can be quite strange. Although both have led us to wonderful and incredible discoveries, innovations and inventions, they also have things that leave us puzzled — even the most modern scientific measures aren’t able to decipher those mysteries. Check out the top 15 unexplained scientific discoveries here in this … Read more

10 Discoveries that have Changed History

Discoveries that have Changed the History

Imagine if some of these discoveries and inventions had never happened. Here we look at some some discoveries that have not only changed history but our way of life as well (not in any particular order). Richard Hoover, an astrobiologist who once worked for NASA, discovered microfossils in meteorites. He went on … Read more